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Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Your foot is composed of many bones, ligaments and tendons that support and permit bipedal movements like walking and running. People of all ages play sports, work out and spend a lot of time on their feet. Occasionally, an individual can strain a muscle or ligament in their ankle or foot, such as the peroneal or Achilles tendon, that can cause considerable pain. Others may have arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis or even a stress fracture.

Surgery & Recovery

Surgery on any aspect of your foot might be needed in many cases and will severely limit your ability to perform activities. After surgery, you will often need support to walk; your doctor may give you crutches, a cane or a walker. Your foot may also need protection. Devices as a splint, surgical shoe, cast or open sandal are recommended to keep your foot immobile and provide support.

Postoperative exercise is an important part of your recovery. It increases circulation of blood and vital nutrients as well as prevents stiffness and atrophy of the joint and ligaments. That is why Physical Therapy has an important roll in the total recovery of your foot.

Physical Therapy Treatment Options

For many of the above mentioned surgical or non surgical injuries, your doctor will recommend physical therapy treatment to recover from foot and ankle pain, post surgery weakness and limited range of motion.

Physical therapy treatments for the foot and ankle can include massage, ice packs, Ultrasound, Electrical stimulation and other modalities to reduce inflammation and increase circulation until the injury heals. Also, foot orthotics (inserts) is recommended in many cases. The goal of physical therapy is to gradually allow a person to increase the flexibility in their foot and ankle, reduce pain, increase strength and fully work their way back into their activities or work tasks.

What Is The Process?

The physical therapist will complete a thorough evaluation on the first visit and discuss the findings with you. Together you will both create a list of goals that will help you return to work, to play and/or to your typical daily activities with the highest level of functioning. The therapist will then create a personalized plan of care for your treatment.

The success of physical therapy relies on attending regularly scheduled sessions so be prepared with your daily calendar and we will try our best to meet your scheduling needs for subsequent visits.

Our mission is to promote functional improvement in a warm and friendly environment with the assistance of experts in the care of lower extremity dysfunction through the creation of an individualized plan of care that utilizes the most current and evidence-based treatment procedures.


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