Beyond Foot Pain: 5 Ailments That Can Be Alleviated With Custom Orthotics

  Beyond Foot Pain: 5 Ailments That Can Be Alleviated With Custom Orthotics

Your shoes might be the pièce de résistance of your outfit, but if your feet hurt 一 no matter how glamorous or well-fitting your shoes are 一 it’s time to consider podiatric care. An estimated 77% of Americans report foot pain, but only 33% of them seek medical care for it.

There’s no need to suffer from foot pain. Custom orthotics can help alleviate pain associated with common foot ailments so that you walk confidently in your favorite shoes sans pain. 

Our award-winning team of podiatrists here at Cortez Foot & Ankle Specialists create custom-molded orthotics for people in Bradenton, Ellenton, and University Park, Florida, who are struggling to overcome common foot ailments.

Below, we explain how custom orthotics can provide relief from the top five foot ailments.

5 ailments alleviated with custom orthotics

You might benefit from accommodative orthotics if you have:

1. Foot pain

“Pain” tops the list when it comes to common foot complaints. Pain can be the result of arthritis, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and so much more. The good news is that custom-molded orthotics can help alleviate pain caused by many different conditions. 

Depending on which underlying condition you have, custom orthotics alleviate pain by reducing the amount of stress on your feet. Not only do custom orthotics shift pressure off your trouble spots, but they also redistribute your weight to further alleviate discomfort.

2. Arch issues

The arches of your feet are located between the balls of your feet and your heels. They help to maintain balance in your body as you walk, and they also provide a spring in your step. If your arches are too high or too flat, they can cause foot pain. Orthotics alleviate arch issues (either too high or too flat) by supporting your feet how they need it most.

3. Joint issues

Orthotics can support all of the joints from your smallest toe joint to your ankle. Orthotics can alleviate pain associated with bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, and ankle instability. 

4. Diabetic foot problems

Custom orthotics are also beneficial to people struggling with common diabetic foot problems, such as calluses, ulcers, and nerve damage. Because diabetes can contribute to slow-healing wounds, any blisters or calluses can become a risk factor for ulcers. Orthotics can help keep weight distributed evenly to help reduce calluses and blisters.

5. Sports injuries

Sports injuries can occur on any part of your body, and your feet are no exception. Sports injuries can vary in severity and can include plantar fasciitis 一 a common running injury 一 ankle fractures, and blisters. 

If you have a sports injury that affects your foot or ankle, custom-molded orthotics can alleviate post-injury soreness by providing your foot and/or ankles with extra support. Even as you recover from the initial injury, custom-made inserts stabilize your ankle joint and may decrease pain during recovery.

Custom orthotics provide the relief you need

Unlike one-size-fits-all inserts, custom inserts are designed with your unique foot anatomy in mind. Not only does this make them more comfortable, but it also means they’re more effective. For instance, studies show that orthotics are one of the best treatments for plantar fasciitis

Ready to say goodbye to foot pain? To learn more about custom orthotics (as well as other treatments that complement orthotics), call one of our offices. You can also request an appointment online.

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